Social media participation campaigns

We capture the video or photo content that the audience generates on Instagram and/or Twitter

They just have to associate the #Hashtag of your campaign and @mention your brand.

We have 3 types of campaigns within the modality of participation in Social Networks:

Campaign onInstagram

Campaign on

Campaign onInstagram +

How does it work?


Users publish their content on Instagram and / or Twitter with the #hashtag of your campaign and @mentioning your brand.


We automatically capture the contents in the management panel, they are filtered and permission to use is requested through an acceptance hashtag.


Accepted content is published on the site generated by Hits Book where the audience can interact and rankings are generated.

photos and videos

Decide what type of content you want to import: on Twitter and Instagram you can select whether you import only photos, only videos, or both.

Customizable gallery

Publish all the imported content from Twitter and Instagram in a customizable gallery with a professional design and 100% responsive.

Filtering and management
of contents

The system will import all the content associated with that hashtag + mention in the internal management panel to Accept/Reject its publication on the site generated by Hits Book.

Entries from Instagram and Twitter

Decide from which social network users can participate: from Twitter and/or Instagram through hashtag + mention.
*To create campaigns on Twitter and Instagram you must have a company account in each social network.

Permission request

You can automatically request permission from the author of the content on the social network, for further use.


All participants must mention the brand when uploading content on Instagram and Twitter. Users do not leave the social network to participate.

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