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How does it work?


Create your casting site step by step and easily


Invite users to register for the casting and upload their audition (direct upload, capture via #hashtag and @mention on IG and TW)


Manage the contents in your management panel by filtering by categories or selection phases (internal communication system)


Post previously validated auditions so the audience can interact and support their favorite.

Form customization

Customize or add fields to the registration forms, to have all the information required of the participants in the casting.

Internal communication system

Direct contact with the participants through an internal communication system.

File Download and Upload

The casting site will have the necessary technology so that participants can download files (documents, audios, videos) and can also upload, together with their participation, attachments necessary for registration (eg: identity document, photos ...)

Management, filtering and categorization

You will receive a notification when there is a new registration and you should review it before accepting or rejecting it. You will also have categorization and filtering tools for greater control.

Database download

The client may separately download the data of the users who participate and the users who vote and make use of them for the purposes that the user has previously accepted.

Download content

The client will be able to download all the photos and / or videos of their campaigns in a single click. In addition, it will have a tool to filter the content and search for specific tags or keywords. All this, with all the legal guarantees.

And much more

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